About Esizwe

Esizwe Group was established in 2003, with a need to provide office supplies and ICT products to a growing need in the industry. The company has more than 60 employees at branches in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

The company also has a manufacturing division that manufactures office furniture and seating. Our factory is situated in the South of Johannesburg.

With a broad target market, spreading across both the public and the private sector, we offer a wide range of stationery, ICT and Office furniture products at competitive pricing.

We are affiliated with all major ICT brands which include being an HP & Acer Gold partner.

Our business is based on honesty and integrity, creating and maintaining relationships with customers and suppliers are equally important to offering innovative products and competitive pricing.

Our diversified product line allows us to offer end to end solutions to our clients.

We are a Level 1 BBBEE company that insists on transformation and skills development. We believe in contributing back towards the unbalanced socio economic society and historically disadvantaged individuals. The company has partnered with a non-profit organization to uplift and contribute to the surrounding informal settlements in our community.

Corporate Mission

  1. 1
    To become a leading and...

    trustworthy service provider in our industry.

  2. 2
    To uncompromisingly...

    focus on customer satisfaction and provide authentic service delivery.

  3. 3
    To be the preferred...

    supplier to our clients offering competitive pricing.

  4. 4
    Providing quality products

    and service excellence that adds value to the Value Chain System of our customers.

What We Offer


From the simplest of A4 pages for desktops to the most complex high-volume material for mass production, stationery is, without a doubt, the most basic consumable in any office.

Printer Cartridges

Printer cartridges come in many sizes and formats. Our business is built upon giving the right advice for each organisation’s specific needs. Proper selection of the right cartridge can certainly help the bottom line, over time.


Some printers produce a multitude of different formats, some produce the same document over and over, and some do a wide variety of small jobs. Having the right advice about which printer to purchase.

Desktop/Laptops & Servers

We supply a wide range of hardware and are accredited by most OEM brands such as HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Lexmark, Samsung, Canon, Mecer and Proline.

Office Furniture

Think of the effect stylish office furniture has on a client visiting your office, and you will immediately realize the importance of choosing the right office furniture.

Refurbish your

office space

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