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Stationery Products

From A4 pages to complex high-volume material for mass production, stationery, the most basic consumable in any office.

Printer Cartridges

Printer cartridges come in many sizes and formats. Our business is built on providing advice for each organisation’s specific needs, hence the importance of proper selection of the correct cartridge.


Printers produce a multitude of different formats, whilst others produce the same document over and over, and some do a wide variety of small jobs.

Deon is the founding member of the Esizwe Group. A hard working executive with the zeal and commitment to business growth, he started the company in 2003. He is passionate about his job and is focused on driving his insatiable ambition. His extraordinary vision and entrepreneurial competency was instrumental in growing the business over the past 15 years with diversity and innovation. Under his influential leadership the group has matured into a trustworthy brand spreading across various sectors including the information technology, office supplies, furniture manufacturing, building construction and commercial security industry.

Deon’s great leadership skills and belief which is, “Invest in your employees, take care of them and they will take care of your clients” has proved to be an important ingredient in his strategic plan for equity growth. He is business focused which makes him profit-oriented. He is a confident and creative thinker, imaginative and a visionary leader. Deon has a gift to recognize and manage talent and draws on people’s abilities and encourages team contribution.

Deon is also very involved with community outreach. He is the co-founder with his wife Jeanice of the Rebecca Pillay Foundation. The foundation’s emphasis is placed on reaching out to children in the poorest of communities and includes running a soup kitchen at the Jacksonspruit informal settlement.

In his spare time he is committed to fighting crime in his community. Deon is an executive member of the Mondeor Sector 1 Crime Forum and the Chairman of the Bassonia Community Forum.

He is a family man and a keen sportsman.

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